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Alpha Framing System receives ICC-ES Evaluation Report with LABC Recognition

[Villa Rica, GA, April 19, 2022] – Storage Structures’ patented Alpha Framing System, a factory formed and assembled light gauge steel framing system, completed an ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) evaluation report with a Los Angeles Building Code (LABC) Supplement on April 14, 2022.   

Commenting on this evaluation, Storage Structures’ President Richard Allen stated: “The Alpha Framing System was developed in response to three of the most challenging construction issues in the self-storage industry: speed of construction, a shortage of skilled labor, and a cleaner finished product. The ICC-ES evaluation is another step forward for the Alpha Framing System as a national, scalable framing platform. ICC-ES’s independent engineering evaluation will be referenced and utilized by engineers across the country to design and seal the most innovative framing system for customers in the self-storage industry.”

ICC-ESR #4894 consists of a rigorous technical evaluation of an entire metal framing system. ICC-ES evaluated the Alpha Framing System’s design, component manufacturing, and performance for code compliance and standards. A division of the International Code Council, ICC-ES is the most widely accepted and trusted evaluation service agency for innovative building materials, components, and systems worldwide.

Storage Structures ( is a dedicated nationwide team of experts who design, procure, and install metal building components for single, bi-level, and multi-story self-storage buildings. As the exclusive provider of the patented Alpha Framing System, Storage Structures delivers exceptional quality products. Our mission is to be ON-SITE, ON-SCHEDULE, ALL THE TIME. 

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